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Instant Card Issuance
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Quickly and Securely From Your Bank or Credit Union Branch !

The TRISM System® is used by many financial institutions to instantly produce one or all of the following cards:

  • ATM Cards
  • Visa and MasterCard Branded Debit Cards
  • Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards
  • Customer Selected PIN
  • Customer Re PIN

What makes this possible is the evolution of card production equipment and a secure data handling system. Technology and the endorsement of Visa and MasterCard have led to the development of the TRISM Instant Issue Solution.

Instant Issue System Components - Card Embosser and Application Software

The DataCard Model 150i Embossing System - Card Production

DataCard now has available a small desktop embosser that is capable of embossing, tipping, encoding and indent printing all of the information required on a bank card. This equipment is tamper resistant, reliable and produces a high quality personalized card.

The TRISM Application - Secure Data Handling 

The TRISM is the PC based Application Program that drives instant issuance. The TRISM consists of these components:
  • Security Module: Contains encryption keys and circuitry for managing secure data along your network. The security module is a small, tamper resistant box that attaches to the host PC.
  • User Interface: The TRISM application provides the user interface, data entry screens, preview screens etc to insure ease of use by customer service representatives.
  • Communications: TRISM provides the secure means to communicate with the embosser and provide feedback to the customer service station.
  • Reports: The TRISM system provides detail system and audit reports to totally manage the system and provide security controls for management and auditors.

PC with TRISM Security Module

The TRISM System works with all of the popular banking card systems including FDR, EDS, and Fiserv. It can be configured many ways to provide a custom solution to specific network and operation requirements. 


TRISM Instant Issuance


May 10, 1999-MasterCard International's new instant issuance program enables issuers to quickly, locally, and economically provide new and replacement cards that customers can immediately activate and use. The program features the Datacardâ 150i system, and highly secure device that embosses and encodes cards according to MasterCard standards in a fast, single-pass operation.

MasterCard created and implemented the instant issuance program because it offers numerous benefits for both card issuers and consumers. "From the card issuer's perspective, instant issuance generates immediate revenue because consumers can start using their card right away. Additionally, by making it even more convenient to get a MasterCard debit card, issuers are encouraging frequent usage," said Jerry Sargent, vice president Debit Product Management at
MasterCard International.

Instant issuance also reduces the costs associated with centralized card issuance, such as postage, handling and the production of envelopes and card carriers.

For consumers, instant issuance eliminated the waiting period for a new or replacement card to arrive in the mail. "Today's consumer wants fast, convenient service from their bank and the instant issuance program allows MasterCard issuers to more quickly respond to their customers' growing demand for debit programs," Sargent said.


Financial Institution Benefits TRISM SYSTEM FEATURES

Customer Service: New account holder leaves the branch with an active debit / check card.

Replacement Cards: Improve customer service by instantly replacing lost or stolen cards.

Replacement Card Expense: Eliminate costly emergency replacement and overnight freight costs.

Reduce Costs: Central issuance is a costly solution to many financial institution card programs.

Slippage: MasterCard loss of $50M annually and Visa loss of $65M annually due to cards that are never received in the mail.

Marketing Opportunity: Key opportunities for marketing and building customer relationships. Showing customer how to use debit cards for PIN and signature transactions and ATM use.

  • Quality Card Production

  • Tamper Resistance

  • Customer Selected PIN

  • PIN and RePIN under Program Control

  • Control and Audit Reports

  • Many Network Options

  • Secure Network Operation

  • Simple User Input Requirements

To Learn More: DataCard 150 Embosser PDF 

TRISM Network Scenario PDF

(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader ® )  

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