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Cleaning Card Products Safe   Easy   Effective  Inexpensive
Magnetic Stripe - Head Cleaning Cards
  • POS Terminals
  • Credit Card and Debit Card machine swipe readers
  • Key Card Readers – Hotel Door Locks
  • Magnetic Stripe Readers 
  • Slot Machines
  • Vending Machines

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ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)

clean and treatment cards.  demo..

Each cleaning card is pre-saturated with alcohol and packaged in an easy to open pouch.  

50 Cards per Box.  Your cost - $ 24.95 Per Box      



Periodic cleaning improves the performance of your equipment.

  • Save - Low Downtime
  • Save - Lower Processing Costs
  • Reduce Misreads
  • Extend Life of Equipment

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to order call us 214.358.4277


Check Reader Cleaning Cards 

 for all IBM, NCR and other MICR check readers

MICR reader head cleaning cards


Safely and effectively remove dirt, rubber, and magnetic ink residue from the drive and read head of your Check Reader. 


Each cleaning card is pre-saturated with alcohol.  Simply run the card through your reader as you would a check. It will clean the mag heads and transport rollers.


4.735” x 8”   (ISA 99%)

Item Code:  ECSCC  11/06

25 Cards Per Box   Retail Price $ 32.95 Per Box -- Your cost $24.95





Maintain maximum check read rate by regularly cleaning the Check Reader


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              to order call us 214.358.4277


Dollar Bill Validator Cleaning Cards   


Removes contamination from belts, rollers and photo-optic sensors inside Bill Validators. 


Pre-moistened with LensSafe Cleaning Solution, cards contain no alcohol to dry out belts and rollers.   


Won’t fog up optic lenses. 

Item code: KW3 BWB15M

15 Cards Per Box -- Your cost - $ 28.95 Per Box



Keep your Vending Machines and Bill Changers Working


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              to order call us 214.358.4277


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