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Practical Card Solutions represents the best manufacturers. We can provide the best combination of features, quality, delivery time and low prices to provide our customers with value, an optimal and ... practical card solution.
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 Laser Print Your Cards - Form / Card Combo Sets

Laser Clean Cards - Custom coated 008" to 010"

  • Card(s) are affixed to preprinted 8 " x 11" form.

  • Quality 4 color cards are preprinted and affixed to preprinted form carrier.

  • Variable information can be laser printed onto card and carrier. 

  • Printing is clear, clean and long lasting.

  • Cards hold tightly to form during printing and mailing.

  • Cards easily release from carrier leaving no residue.

Pop Out Cards

Integrated Cards / Forms

  • Personalize with Office Laser Printer

  • Cards easily removed by users

  • Economical, no special equipment required.

Download PDF


  • Customization Available.
  • Samples Available.
  • Quantities from 2500

Self Laminating Cards - Great for Instant Enrollment

  • Easily print variable information on face of card.

  • Then over laminate to protect face of card.

  • Peel card off of form, press down on clear laminate perforated section. 

  • Push card out of carrier. Perforations make clean easy removal.

  • Also known as "Duralam" cards.

Integrated Cards - Laser Printed and Laminated

  • Creative patented process to print card and carrier then laminate and dye cut the card section.
  • Can then be laser printed to personalize card and carrier
  • Card can then be easily peeled off the form. A front laminate can be added for more thickness and durability of the card.
  • Easily feeds through laser printers.
  • Are faster to produce because card and form are created together
  • A truly innovative product.

FOLD n SEAL Cards - Value Priced and Durable
  • Laser, Inkjet, impact or color laser printer compatible
  • Continuous form or cut sheet formats
  • Available in 7 -10 Working Days
  • Up to .024" thickness achievable
  • Versatile can be placed anywhere on form.
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