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Passage Point

    Visitor Management Systems     JOLLY Lobby Track

Manual Visitor Log Books are Unreadable, Unsearchable and Ultimately Unusable

Visitor Management Application Software and Equipment

Sign In Visitors

Attendant types in visitor information (or optionally scans business card or driver's license) and optionally captures digital photo. This information is stored in visitors log database along with the person hosting the visitor. The person hosting the visitor is automatically notified by email of the visitor's arrival.

Produce ID Badges

An ID badge with tracking bar code is produced on Inkjet, Label Printer or Plastic Card Printer. Software supports photos and interfaces with inexpensive web cams to produce useful and attractive photo ID's.

Track Visitors

Visitor's badge is barcode scanned by the attendant to log in. Badges can be scanned elsewhere where appropriate and tracking information is stored in visitor's database record.

Sign Out Visitors

Upon leaving the visitor's badge is scanned by the attendant and visitor is signed outl. Visitor leaves badge with attendant.


The Visitor Management System now has all visitors' movements recorded in the system database. This means a variety of searches and reports may be performed on the system. Records may be kept available for extended periods and brought up conveniently with a few keystrokes.





Passage Point
    Passage Point  - Visitor Management System Kit: $ 1495 and up
Passage Point Visitor Management Software, Logitech Orbit Digital Web Cam,

Supports Drivers License Scanners (optional)
Print Photo ID Badges on Plastic Cards or DYMO Paper Labels).

Company Lobby / School Versions / Network Versions / Many Options

DYMO  Thermal Label Printer (Grayscale Monochrome) $ 149.95

Scanshell 800 Drivers License and Business Card reader $695

Snapshell Fast, Optical Drivers License reader $1095

Photo ID Adhesive Badges - DYMO or Avery Products from $26
Photo ID Fold and Clip Badge Forms 500 / Pkg. (Avery No. 2947 & 2948) $110

Plastic PVC Cards and Thermal Printer Ribbons - Evolis, Magicard, Fargo, Zebra, Nisca. DNP

Download Avery Visitor Management Brochure
click here for


  AssureTec 150 - Fast Optical Drivers License Reader  - quickly capture drivers license info and photos     SnapShell R2 Drivers License Scanner

Jolly Technologies Visitor Management and Membership Tracking  
Jolly Lobby Track - Visitor Management Software
  • Check in and out multiple visitors.
  • ODBC compliant / network compatible
  • Automatic email notification when visitor arrives           
  • Real time visitor tracking and location
  • Easy badge creation with photos and bar codes
  • Inkjet, laser and plastic card printers can be used.
  • View log, charts, and reports

Purchase Price:  $600

 Jolly Member Track and Jolly Scan Station

      Log in and register members,



           Part of Check In / Check Out Screen
  • Enter visitor name via keyboard or select from file via pull down menu.
  • Enter Staff person's name or select from file via pull down menu.

System will:

  • Print a visitor's badge
  • Remember repeat visitors
  • Print a route map
  • Notify staff via email of visitors' arrival
  • Print useful reports



Purchase Price - Lobby Track Visitor Management Application: $595
Additional Station License: $595 ea. 

Supplies For Inkjet Printers:
  • Photo ID Adhesive Badges 100 / Pkg. (Avery No. 2940): $24.75
  • Photo ID Fold and Clip Badge Forms 500 / Pkg. (Avery No. 2947 & 2948): $110
Supplies For Personal Label Printers:
  • Photo ID Labels for PLP - Land / Port 240 sheets (No. 2960): $29.95
Avery Personal Label Printer:
  • Personal Label Printer from Avery prints credit card size paper badges: $149.95
Plastic Card Printers - $ 895 (Manual Monochrome) $1695 (Auto, Full Color)
  • For plastic credit card size badges. Will also work for employee Photo ID System.
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