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Waffletechnology™ Cleaning Cards and products increasingly are recognized by OEM's and End-users alike to be the preferred means of cleaning transaction equipment. Click on any link below to find out more on how this revolutionary cleaning card can help you maintain your equipment.

Click on any link below to view how Cleaning Cards and products can help keep your equipment functioning properly.

Types of equipment cleaned by Waffletechnology cleaning cards.

Cleaning Cards for POS and All types of Credit Card Readers Cards for Cleaning Credit Card Readers, Pay at the Pump, SmartCard Readers, ATM's, Door Locks, Player Tracking, Time Card Readers, ID Printers, and any other device that accepts a standard credit card.

Bill Validators or Bill Acceptor Cleaning Cards for currency readers Cards for Cleaning Bill Validators in Slot Machines, Vending machines, self check-out kiosk, or any device that accepts or validates currency.

Cleaning Cards for Thermal Printers Cards for Cleaning all types of thermal printers such as barcode printers, label printers, transfer ribbon style printers, receipt printers, or any device that uses thermal printing technology.

Cleaning Cards for Check Readers and Check Scanners Cards for Cleaning check readers and check scanners including scanners applying Check 21 laws, or any device that reads or digitally scans a check.

Cleaning Wipes and Products for Plasma Screens and Touch Screens Wipes for Cleaning touch screen monitors, computer monitors, plasma screens, LCD screens, glass screens, as well as screens on small handheld devices.

Keyboard Cleaning Wipes and Swabs Cleaning Wipes and Swabs for Cleaning computer keyboards, phone and ATM number pads and any key or number entry device.

Serving all types of Industries and Businesses All businesses use some type of equipment which should be maintained by a cleaning card or product we can supply. Look over our new web site to find the right product for your equipment.







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