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Practical Card Solutions represents the best manufacturers. We can provide the best combination of features, quality, delivery time and low prices to provide our customers with value, an optimal and ... practical card solution.
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Security / Access Cards
H I D Prox Cards
Blank Clam Shell
ISO Prox / ISO Prox II
Duo Prox
Key Fobs and Tokens
Blank and Custom Printed (Photo ID)
FarPointe Prox Cards
Blank Clam Shell
Printable PVC 125Khz Blank
Printable PVC 125Khz Blank w Mag
Key Fobs
Specialty and Custom Printed
PCS_Prox Proximity Cards
Value Priced Private Label

Blank Clam Shell
Printable PVC 125Khz Blank

Printable PVC 125Khz Blank w Mag

No Minimum Order Quantity

             call us for quote on all your Security / Access card needs (214) 358-4277     prices shown are list

FarPointe Security Access Cards - 125Khz, 26 bit  (HID Compatible)

High Quality, Reliable and 100 % Compatible with HID 125Khz, 26 bit Systems
Clam Shell, ISO CR80 Printable, Dual Tech Printable with Mag Stripe, and Key Fob products
Call for Quote - We sell for less   (214) 358-4277

FarPointe Pyramid Prox Cards - 125Khz, 26bit (more formats available)

Compatible with HID Prox Systems


PCS 1 Standard Light Proximity Card - Clam Shell,  (CR80 060) Printable with Overlay

Programmed - Quantity 5 and above, List $2.40 ea.


PSM-2P -  Printable PVC Proximity Card (CR80 031)

Programmed - Quantity 5 and above, List $3.75 ea.


PSM-2S - Printable PVC Proximity Card with 3 Track Magnetic Stripe (CR80 031)

Programmed - Quantity 5 and above, List $3.95 ea.


PSK-3 - Proximity Key Fob Credential, Attaches to Key Ring, includes brass eyelet

Programmed - Quantity 5 and above, List $3.95 ea.


Custom Printing of Prox Cards Available - Logos, Employee Phooto ID's



AWID Compatible Cards Available at same configuration and prices as HID (above)





PCS_Prox Cards - HID Compatible 125Khz 26 Bit  

Save Big with our Value Quantity 500 Pricing

                            Custom Prox Formats upon Request


D24 CLM PRX 001 - Clam Shell (PET or Composite) - Programmed, Qty 500 - $2.25 ea.


D24 PVC PRX 001 - PVC CR80 030 Printable - Programmed, Qty 500 - $2.50 ea.


D24 PVC PRS 101 - PVC with Mag Stripe Printable - Programmed, Qty 500 - $2.58 ea.


Key Fobs coming soon.


Now available in all quantities!  Order as few as 1 card, no minimum.

  1-10 $8 ea.                 Custom Print with your Graphics / Employee Photo

11-25 $6 ea.

25-50 $4 ea.      Fast Delivery, No Minimum, Custom Graphics (at additional cost)











Keytags and Specialty Products for Gift and Loyalty Cards - 
Click Here
Shifting Image 

Lenticular Cards


Gift Card Carriers and Backers For Merchandising Your Cards
Blank Plastic Cards
Blank Cards
Graphic Quality Laminates, CR80 -.030" .024", .015"
Many Colors
Hospital Patient Cards - With Stress Whitening Laminate
Added Features: Hole, Slots, Magnetic Stripes, etc.
500 Cards per Box
Shipping Weight: 6lbs Box
Minimum Order 500 Cards
- Graphics Quality Laminated Cards
- Perfect for Card Printing w/ Eltron, Magicard, Fargo and Evolis Printers
Specialty Cards
Security Cards
Hi Co Magnetic Stripe
HID Proximity Cards
Printable Blank Security Cards
Heavy Duty - Long Life Composite Cards
Blanks and Custom Printed
Magnetic Stripe Available
Polyester Core - Highly Flexible and, Better Heat Tolerance Than Standard PVC Cards

Learn More About the Anatomy of a Printed Plastic Card -
"Anatomy of a Printed Plastic Card .Pdf"
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