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Practical Card Solutions represents the best manufacturers. We can provide the best combination of features, quality, delivery time and low prices to provide our customers with value, an optimal and ... practical card solution.
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    Magicard Ribbons - Monochrome for Rio, Tango and Avalon Printers    
call 214.358.4277 or email pcsco@sbcglobal.net for prices.....
K 1000 prints roll - LC3/D

Retail Price:  $18


Black Monochrome Ribbon

for Magicard Rio / Tango/ Avalon printers

Gold / Silver Metallic 1000 prints roll LC3/D Gold     LC3/D Silver

Retail Price:  $74


Gold / Silver Monochrome Ribbon 1000 prints

for Magicard Rio / Tango/ Avalon printers

KO 600 prints roll - LC6/D

Retail Price:  $80


2 Panel black with overcoat

for Magicard Rio / Tango/ Avalon printers

Color Monochrome Ribbons - LC3/D

Retail Price:  $30

LC3/D - Red

              LC3/D - Blue

              LC3/D - Green

              LC3/D - White

for Magicard Rio / Tango/ Avalon printers

Magicard Medium Clean Kit 9005-776

Retail Price - $40

10 T Long Cleaning Cards 2 Head Cleaning Pen, 3 Cleaning Rollers



for Rio / Tango / Avalon printers


Practical Card Solutions carries all Evolis

Supply Items - some are not listed.

Call for your needs.

   (214) 358-4277

email pcsco@sbcglobal.net


Note all prices shown are retail pricing.


Please call for our special pricing...

Magicard Clean Roller Kit  9005-772

Retail Price:  $39

5 Cleaning Roller Sleeves, 1 Roller bar


5 Cleaning Roller Sleeves, 1 Roller bar

for Rio / Tango / printers



Blank Plastic Cards

CR80 030 Graphics Quality PVC

Qty 1M - Price $69


CR80 030 Graphics w HiCo Mag Stripe

Qty 1M - Price $99

CR80 030 Graphics - various colors $78/M


Printable Security Access Cards

HID, FarPointe, PCS_Prox

click here for Security Card info...


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